Mark Crotti - Live at One Tree Hill, Hamilton Island March 15th 2019

  • What a great way to watch a Sunrise - from the best look out on Hamilton Island - One Tree Hill. Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi or that sent me a message, I’ll be back next year. Flying Back to Sydney this week ahead of Opening for Mark WIlkinson at The Heritage Hotel, Bulli.


Mark Crotti - Live at Marina Daze, Hamilton Island March 2019

  • Thanks to everyone who came down to enjoy some of my music accompanied by a stunning sunset at Marina Daze on Hamilton Island (Sunday 10th of March). Out of all the gigs I played on Hamilton Island, this was my favourite. I’ll be in touch with the team that booked me to try and facilitate some more shows and gigs in this slice of heaven. Otherwise I’ll be heading back to Sydney putting on some more local shows. Head to my home page for events and tickets.#hamiltonisland #2019


Singer-Songwriter ‘Crotti’ preforms at the 2019 Archibald Prize pre event.



Australian Singer- Songwriter ‘Crotti’ Performing at Aqualands exclusive Archibald Prize screening, 2019 at the Art Gallery of NSW. He provided some mellow tunes as people browsed the fantastic portraits displayed.