Wedding Pricing


Hi Guys,

Due to demand I’ll be limiting the number of weddings I do from 2019 onwards. I like to make the weddings I play at special and as of this year (2019) I’ll be limiting them to 10 a year.

Although I can’t make all the wedding enquires I receive happen, I’d still love to be considered to sing on your special day if the dates line up. I have to work around my own shows and tours and make sure I’m in the country! Please reach out to see if we can make it happen:

For a quote, email me at:

I have also written an article on ‘what to expect to pay a wedding singer’ . I have found there is not much information out there for Australian couples on the matter and thought it might be useful hearing it from a singer in the game. Click the ‘About my Pricing’ Link to read the article.